At Mario, we come up with all sorts of solutions to satisfy you!

At Mario, we believe in our products, the quality of the materials used, and the assembly and construction processes.

Our stairclimbers are sturdy, practically unbreakable – that is why we have no reservations in offering you the Mario guarantee.
With the Mario guarantee, we offer to replace, for 3 years, in case of malfunction :

  • damaged (non-consumable) parts of the stairclimber;
  • or replace the staiclimber itself with a new one in case of extreme damage;

N.B. The guarantee on the consumables is of 1 year, and only applies to malfunction.

Consumables are all parts subject to wear and tear, such as caps, rubber, switches, electric battery, tyres…


Our stairclimbers are made completely in Italy, by workers employed in compliance with current laws.

MARIO: we do our best to guarantee a valuable, functional, sturdy, made-in-Italy product.