The latest news is what we call Noleggio Mario.

The Mario Rental Formula allows you to evaluate one of our stairclimbers for 30 days and, at the end of the rental period, decide whether to purchase the product or give it back.
If you decide to purchase the Mario stairclimber you rented, the rental rate will be deducted from the final price. If, instead, you are not convinced, we will take the Mario stairclimber back at no extra cost.

During the rental period, you can evaluate all of the features that we have been promoting for well over 20 years!


  • Sturdiness: Mario stairclimbers have an average life span of 10 years.
  • Manoeuvrability: we go through extremely narrow staircases where the others stop.
  • Wide range: we have the right product for each of your needs
  • 3-year Mario guarantee
  • Maximum courtesy and professional assistance

Why Mario?

  • Second-hand trade in: We overvalue and accept your second-hand manual or electric device of any make.
  • Payment in instalments: it is possible to pay our stairclimbers in small multiple instalments (subject to financial approval). Request an estimate.
  • European quality: we have been working for over 20 years with CE-stamped and approved Italian products and technology.
  • Because they go where the others stop.

The real difficulty of transport on stairs is not ascending but negotiating turns on the landings, especially if narrow.
Turning on the landings always requires consideration of the diagonal of the object to be transported and the size of the supporting structure (e.g. the wheels). In the instance of a 60x60cm object + 30cm wheels we have a diagonal of about 108cm.
Through the patented Mario 6-articulated joint system, one can change the configuration of our stairclimber and place the wheels under the load.
Thus all that remains is the size of the object and the diagonal is only 87cm.
That is why with Mario you go where the others stop.
Don’t believe us? Fill in the form and ask for a free demonstration.