Trolley for stairs loads itself on the van

Trolley for stairs loads itself on the van. This stairclimber with fork is ideal for carrying stoves, photocopiers, fireplaces and other devices and heavy and bulky loads.
Our stairclimber patented Mario Super SC200 SCF loads itself on the van, without the need for a second operator.
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Mario Super RD 158 TB

A Stairclimber specific for the transport of doors and windows in general, armored doors and shutters.
With a specific supplied accessories, you can carry and pass even when the other can’t since the dimensions of the load is considerably reduced thanks to gizmo accessory that allows to rotate the window during the transport.
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Mario Senior SSN Stairclimber

The Mario Senior Stairclimber is able to climb all stairs types without damaging them.
From wooden ones to those in the crystal. It allows you all movement thanks to automatic load self-balancing.
With Mario you can work in perfect autonomy also for loading and unloading from the van.

You must carry appliances?
For over 15 years, Mario helps companies around the world to carry items on the stair.
we have stairclimbers specific for each type of activity.

Mario stairclimber

Mario Super with automatic barycentre is the stairclimber suitable to transport furniture and appliances
on narrow stairs.
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Mario super RD 120ssn trolley for stairs

MARIO SUPER RD120SSN electric stairclimber, ideal for transporting on the stair: boilers, stoves, heaters, air conditioners.
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Mario JR RS stairclimber

Mario Junior RS the smallest electric stairclimber of the MARIO family, particularly suitable for transporting
cylinders, carboys and other materials like books, small appliances and packs.
It’s a stair climber recommended to all those who have warehouses in basements or upper floors are not accessible by lift.